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Writing Center

Services Offered

The Writing Center offers an array of free services to assist and support students with any type of writing, throughout all stages of the writing process. 

For Students:

One-to-one conversation with a peer or professional tutor on any writing assignment, at any stage of the writing process. Just some of the areas that tutors assist with include

  • understanding your assignment
  • brainstorming/prewriting
  • development/focus/thesis
  • organization 
  • citations
  • sentence revisions (including grammar, punctuation, and word choice)


For Faculty:

(note: all these services are still available online during Fall 2020)

  • Class visits (5-10 minute presentation from a tutor on the Writing Center's services)
  • Customized in-class workshops on writing-related topics
  • One-to-one consultations on writing assignment design and implementation




Fall 2020 Online Hours


10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.


10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.


12:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

During Fall 2020, all tutoring will take place remotely, and the Writing Center space (143 Butler) will not be open to students. If you feel that you require an exemption to this policy, contact Dr. Herb to discuss further. 


Online Tutoring Options

Option 1: Synchronous Appointments

For this option, you will work on your paper with your tutor in real time, using your choice of video, audio, or simply live text chat.

Book your appointment using Bengal Success Portal. When making your appointment, choose your preferred time and tutor, and then, under “location,” you can choose your conversation option (video, audio, & live chat OR live chat only).

Share your paper as a Google Doc with and, if you chose the video/audio option, look for an email from the Writing Center with a meeting invite link.

At the time of your appointment, open up your Google Doc and, if you selected the video/audio option, join the meeting link we sent you. Your tutor will do the same, and the conversation can begin!

Option 2: Asynchronous Email Feedback

If you’re unable to meet with a tutor in real time, we do offer an asynchronous option. You may email your paper (along with any assignment directions and your specific questions/concerns) to

You will receive a response back from a tutor within 48 hours. Please note, however, that the tutor will not edit your paper for you; instead, the tutor will offer the same kinds of feedback they would during an online synchronous or face-to-face session—offering comments and questions, identifying patterns, and making suggestions for revision.


Contact Us

To make, reschedule or cancel an appointment, visit the Bengal Success Portal.

For all other inquiries about the Writing Center and its services or to request an in-class workshop or class visit, email faculty director Dr. Maggie Herb at 




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