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Online Learning Tips

Learning online can be challenging! Here are some quick videos to help:

How to stay awake in an online class

Simple Strategies for Actually Learning in Online Classes 

Time Management

Most students say the biggest hurdle they face in succeeding in school is time management. Here are two incredibly helpful time management tools to help plan your work so you can succeed!

1) When using the Fall 2020 Semester Due Date Planner, you can see all due dates for the entire term on one page.  

2) The Master Weekly Schedule will help you figure out the best times to study and do your homework. Be sure to read the directions on the second page. Please know that in college, the bulk of your work is done outside the classroom, (as opposed to what you were most likely used to in high school) so planning your study and homework time outside of class is paramount to your success.

It's a good idea to work with an academic coach while putting together your Master Weekly Schedule. Visit the "Other Tutoring" website to find your academic coach.

Test Taking

Be smart about preparing for and taking tests! The Test Taking Tips handout takes volumes of educational theory and boils it down to a few pages of useful tips.

It's a good idea to prepare for your tests with an academic coach. Visit the "Other Tutoring" website to find your academic coach.

Reading In College

TEXTBOOKS: We know textbooks can be expensive, but having an education is priceless and, in most cases, textbooks are imperative to your success in your courses. Please find a way to get yours! Now that you have your text, it is important to use it strategically. The SQ3R method handout steps you through the reading process in a way where you'll feel the least pain with the greatest gain!

ACADEMIC ARTICLES: Question: How many times have you asked yourself this after reading every word of an academic article:  What did I just read? Solution: GIST Method: a strategy for reading academic articles that helps you to read with intention, focus, and with an eye on the big picture, thus helping you to avoid the, “Did I just read that?” trap

Our academic coaches are here to help you step through the college reading process. We help students with reading strategies all the time! (..and no, it is not just common sense!) Find your academic coach by visiting the  "Other Tutoring" website.

Note Taking

Did you know we forget 80% of what we hear within 24 hours if we don't write it down? Taking notes will help you concentrate too. Follow the items on the Note Taking Checklist to maximize your note-taking power!

Academic coaches are trained to guide you through the note-taking process. Find your academic coach by visiting the "Other Tutoring" website.

Midterm/Final Exam Prep Tips

Experts tell us to rev up our final exam prep efforts three week before final exam day. The Top 5 Midterm/Final Exam Prep Tips handout gives you a road map for navigating this very important process!

Would you like a champion on your side to help you through the final exam process? Visit the "Other Tutoring" website to find your academic coach!


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