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Music Tutoring Center

"Other Tutoring" (Formerly TLC)

To find your music tutor and his/her schedule, visit the "Other Tutoring" website. *IMPORTANT: When we are back on campus, music tutoring will be located in Rockwell 203 (not in the library), as a piano is helpful in tutoring music. In the mean time, online tutoring has been working extremely well.

Music Department

It is always recommended that you visit your professor during office hours. Find your professor's contact information on your course syllabus and on the Music Department website.

EOP Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

 If you are an EOP student, visit the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) website. This is a tutoring program exclusive to EOP students.

The EOP Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is the 1st stop for EOP students looking for tutoring. ACE provides academic mentoring for all disciplines on a drop-in basis.






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